Favorite Thing I’ve Inked All Day #process #inking #theshadow


Favorite Thing I’ve Inked All Day #process #inking #theshadow

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Paul Pope’s Psychenaut (w/ a Corto Maltese ramp up drawing for photoset design purposes)

Psychenaut is a work in progress that will most likely end up published in french by Dargaud. Psychenaut has been described by Pope as a reaction to the works of cartoonists like Winsor McCay and Rick Veitch whose work deals with dreams using the “repetitive imagery in [Pope’s] dreams." Essentially, if Pope dreams about hanging out with Corto Maltese, he can use comics to make sense of it, or he could just use comics to document it. Psychenaut is Pope’s "for myself" project that will be finished when it’s finished.

"You do not find the time to write. You make it. You snatch it from the jaws of whatever temporal beast has your minutes and hours clamped between its gnarly teeth. We all fight for our time, whether it’s time for a meal, time for a TV show, time to mow the lawn, time to masturbate wantonly on the neighbor’s front porch so that their cat can watch you from the family room window. Time is not a lost set of car keys. It’s not extra money you find in a pants pocket just before you wash them. Time is a thing for which you fight. And if you want to write, you need to fight for the time to accomplish that task. Because time doesn’t care about you. It keeps on keeping on until you’re mulch for the fucking marigolds. Seize it. Or don’t. It doesn’t care."

Chuck Wendig (via processjunkie)


warmup draw day 2 shatterstarrrrrr of X-FORCE


warmup draw day 2 shatterstarrrrrr of X-FORCE


1988 - Anatomy of the Two-Page Spread - X-Factor #38 p.2-3 by Walt Simonson and Al Milgrom

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More nostalgia. If you’ve asked me in the last five years what my favorite book I’ve worked on is, you’d get an emphatic “Patsy Walker: Hellcat” as the answer. This was my first and longest chance to work with the mind-bogglingly good David LaFuente. I was also able to color an Ultimate Spider-man special with him that I’m rather proud of too. There are many artists I have loved working with, but none have compared to how much fun I had coloring David’s work. David…if you’re out there somewhere reading this, I miss you.


SUICIDE SISTERS Volume 1, Issue 3

Available for Pre-Order now.

Books will start shipping Mid-to-Late April.

Preview pages are non-sequential and unlettered. Mostly for spoiler reasons.


Suicide Sisters volume 1 ‘Shoot The Devil’ 
Issue 3 - “You Ain’t Got A Hold On Me” 
By Kevin Mellon 
Lettering and Design by Crank! 
32 pgs (plus cover)


Spectrum 21, End of the End of Everything

Victo Ngai

I am very honored to have 8 pieces be selected into this year’s Spectrum 21 illustration Annual

Among them is a new piece called “End of the End of Everything” for Tor.com. It has also been selected into Communication Arts 22 Illustration Annual. The illustration is for a wonderfully scary horror novelette by Dale Bailey. It sets in pre apocalyptic earth and the stories revolves around suicidal parties, libertine orgies and amputation performance art. I don’t think I have ever been so shaken by a short story like I was by this one. 

The Tiger Beer art is nominated as one of the medal finalist in advertisement category, woohoo! 

My big thanks to the judges and congrats to all the winner. Thanks again to my art directors Aviva Michaelov (NYTimes), SooJin Buzelli (PLANSPONSOR), Irene Gallo (Tor), Jordan Awan(New Yorker), April Montgomery (Computer World) and Dylan Davies (Rothco)! 


Space Marine Primarchs, Part 1

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